Saturday, December 24, 2011

Email 3906: "greed loses you the prize"; UEA internally discusses increasing daily consulting rates for Jones (£750) and others by another 25%; does the money go to the school. or do the individuals pocket it?

Email 3906

Related to this decision is that of day rates. It has been proposed that standard day rates should be used for all Tyndall people. These would apply as follows to UEA people:

Phil: £750 Tim, Rachel, Anthony, Aldina, William, Clare: £550 Maureen: £450

But please see the email forwarded below from Sue Johnson about these rates. They would be top-sliced by 25%, but Sue's suggestion that we may wish to up them by 25% would put us out of step with other Tyndall groups.


We should be very cautious of increasing further...i.e. don't even think about it...agreement of these (common range of) rates for different levels was my suggestion because we are competing with consultancies, these are the level of rates that they have and if you go higher then your bid is both expensive and stands no hope of passing the value for money tests - for example, we lost a bid for us and Geoff Darch at Atkins because costs were too high for a few of the Tyndall members and could/would not reduce them by the 20% asked of us by the Environment Agency - result - they gave it to someone else when we were the preferred bidder...greed loses you the prize recommendation is to stick with where they are and if you really have increase anything - increase the days and just do it in a shorter time -this still makes your bid more expensive overall but at least it looks better in the value for money tests.

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