Thursday, December 01, 2011

EU fights global warming in a cold climate | Reuters

Journalists are also staying away in droves. For Copenhagen,
media interest reached a peak of more than 3,200. Less than half
that number has registered to attend the Durban talks, according
to provisional figures from the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Global warming experts paint a bleak picture of N.J.'s future | Science updates | -- Your State. Your News.

Month-long spells of 100-degree weather will kill more people in the New York/North Jersey metropolitan area, with the greatest danger in urban "heat islands" like Newark and Jersey City.

Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The Missing Heat

it is pretty much impossible for us to imagine a new heat input to the Earth’s surface, like greenhouse gas forcing from anthropogenic CO2, without observing its effect in ocean heat content.

[You know what evidently doesn't kill wolves? Small amounts of CO2]: Climate change insight gleaned from Yellowstone wolves | Environment | The Guardian

Since their re-introduction, however, the wolf population has exploded in the areas around the park. Wildlife officials estimate there are now about 1,700 wolves in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington – about five times more than envisaged under the original recovery plan.

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