Thursday, December 01, 2011

How "robust debate" evidently works in climate science: Insider presents hypothesis; soon-to-be-outsider tries to disprove hypothesis; insider suggests that outsider be fired

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I responded to [Chris Landsea's] earlier message in a fairly low key fashion. I think he has behaved irresponsibly and ought to be fired by NOAA for not have an open
enough mind to even consider that climate change might be affecting hurricanes. I am quickly becoming outraged by this and I hope it backfires on him!!!!
Kevin [Trenberth]


Anonymous said...

Well, notice the "!" signs at the end. It was just a multi-joke... ;-)

NoFreeWind said...

Chris Landsea leaves the IPCC. The email file link is very revealing of how this all goes, when a man tries to stand up for the truth.