Monday, December 12, 2011

Jordan- Farmers brace for second frost spell

Stern: Climate deal could pass Congress -

The independent State of the World Forum, co-founded by Nobel Peace laureate and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, said "governments are acting as if they have the next 40 years to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent" when, it argued, greenhouse gases must be cut 80 percent by 2020 to stop global warming "before natural forces spin out of any human capacity to control events."

"Nothing less than the fate of human civilization is at stake," the forum said. "The crisis is that stark, the choice is that clear, the leadership required is that urgent."

Twitter / @KHayhoe: As a #climate scientist, u ...

As a scientist, u know u've arrived when you have blogs personally dedicated to smearing you & Morano writes about you. um, hurray? 

Twitter / @MichaelEMann: @KHayhoe Welcome to the cl ...

Welcome to the club Katharine. Consider it a badge of honor ;)

Twitter / @PeterGleick: @KHayhoe Yes! Congratulati ...

Yes! Congratulations. Being smeared by Morano et al. is like, um, I can't even think of an apt analogy. Consider it an honor.

The Economist: Britain Falls Out Of Love With Environmentalism

FOR almost three decades, the British Social Attitudes Survey has measured growing acceptance of things like homosexuality and single motherhood. On December 7th it picked up a more worrying kind of nonchalance. Ardour for environmentalism is cooling.

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