Thursday, December 22, 2011

US Government – Stealing Your Children’s Money To Promote Mindless Superstition | Real Science

Spending $20 million to help people pretend they are doing something towards solving a non-problem, which even if it were real – their idiotic token actions would have zero impact towards mitigation

NZ bans dodgy climate change units from ETS - Yahoo! New Zealand Finance

Dec. 22 (BusinessDesk) – The government is banning from tomorrow the use of carbon emissions
reductions earned in Third World countries where subsidies to reduce emissions have prompted increased production of
some of the most powerful greenhouse gases.

Talking With the Left About Climate Change | FrumForum

Speculating about politics in coming decades, I sketched out a scenario of a bitter divide between a right wing eager to do something about climate change — through high-tech “planetary engineering” — and a left wing hostile to such tampering with nature.

Conservatives’ Warming Skepticism Rooted in Environmentalist Hysteria « Commentary Magazine

Since none of the solutions that have been proposed seem either practical or politically feasible and are rooted more in a neo-socialist belief that First World economies and capitalists must be made to pay for their sins, few can be surprised about the unwillingness of many Americans to simply bow to the dictates of what they are told is the unalterable verdict of science.

Just as troubling is the notion that warming is an inherent evil. In the past, a warming climate has led to greater food production and periods of growth and prosperity while cooling was associated with poverty and scarcity. While there may be a case to be made that warming will hurt more people the next time, it is rarely, if ever, presented. Like so much else about the case for global warming alarm, the dangers are more assumed than proven.

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