Friday, December 09, 2011

Warmist David Attenborough: If we continue committing CO2 sins, we will be punished by A Great Flood

10 minutes with David Attenborough | ES Magazine

[Q] What do you say to those who deny climate change?
You simply can't deny it. What you can do, although it is misguided, is to deny how much we have been responsible for it. But the climate is changing, and if it goes on changing, we are going to be in trouble. Everything we can do to reduce the danger must be done, otherwise great cities are going to be submerged. It's absurd to pretend otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

God is still in control and man will never be able to take that control away from Him.
The trace (less than 0.04%) of carbon dioxide which is present in air is near the minimum amount of CO2 required for food plants to survive and keep life going on earth.