Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wow: Warmist Mike Tidwell claims that a cure for AIDS, a cure for cancer, an end to war, and more would be meaningless if the world warmed enough to raise the Minneapolis airport average temp to 56 degrees F

The hottest issue: Climate change dwarfs other problems -

Well, it's safe to say AIDS would be the least of our worries in such a world. We could even find a cure for AIDS — eliminate the disease completely — and it wouldn't matter in a world 11 degrees warmer. We could cure cancer itself and it wouldn't matter. Instead of good health, we'll have the nightmare of chronic food shortages, persistent new diseases like malaria and dengue fever spread across North America, and untold misery and death from heat waves in cities like St. Louis, where high temperatures could be well over 100 degrees 25 days every summer.

Withdrawal from Iraq? What does it matter? We could disband the Pentagon completely and end all wars everywhere, and it wouldn't matter with 11 degrees. We wouldn't have peace. Violence, instead, would be our daily fare: violent weather, violent ecological upheaval, violence to our civilization.

The economy? An envoy from God himself could bestow jobs on every worker and forgive all debt — from credit cards to the federal budget deficit. But it would be no good with 11 degrees. Wall Street will be under several feet of water, and our commercial infrastructure — harbors, bridges, airports, rails — will literally bake, erode, buckle and break.

Climate of the Twin Cities - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

average annual temperature of 45.4 at the Minneapolis St. Paul International airport


Anonymous said...
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WilGeno said...

"average annual temperature of 45.4 at the Minneapolis St. Paul International airport" - and this is an airport surrounded by blacktop - has anyone checked the location of the recording equipment to make sure it's not reporting false reading due to being on the blacktop or near jet blast?