Wednesday, January 04, 2012

BBC apologizes to Phil Jones for going with a story Jones disapproved of

In email 2245, Phil also brags about getting the BBC World Service to kill a story.

"I managed to stop the World Service doing anything on this lot (see below)."

"Oh Phil, what can I say? ...  All I can say is I'm sorry ...  -- I hope you'll still talk to me despite this."

The story that triggered the BBC apology was this one.

Hat tip: AJ


Conrad Seitz said...

The BBC story was slanted against the accepted scientific wisdom. No wonder it was killed. It was not truthful. Don't believe me? OPEN YOUR EYES!!

MaxyB said...

Dear Conrad, I have a few books you may like to burn. You say it is slanted against the the theory of AGW but is the information false? Keep in mind that during the 1970's the accepted scientific wisdom was that we were entering a new ice age. So much for accepted scientific wisdom!

Admit it you Don't know, I don't know. we have the record of the past, historical and geological and we have hopelessly inadequate models of systems we can't even predict accurately for a week.

Look the guy even says that oil is not going to last as a mainstream fuel for longer than the next twenty five years. THAT YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT, if you have a care for anyone but yourself. YES we will have to transition in time but just to PANIC and go with any old solution, be it underdeveloped, unproductive and wildly over priced will cause far more harm to humanity than just doing the human thing, Being Pragmatic is not defeat, it is what we have ALWAYS DONE! Go to any part of the UK, Go to Yorkshire or Scotland or Cornwall and you will find fossils in sedimentary stone. I have seen them at the bottom of 100 foot cliffs, How long does it take to build up 100 feet of sediment under the sea? Just think about that! Begin to think in those kinds of time scales and of those kinds of fundamental geological changes and not how the weather was last week! At one time in relatively recent history, Norfolk was a tropical savannah with seven-ton hippos roaming about in it. THINK! Think of that kind of meteorological change. THINK! 12000 years ago most of Europe was under glacial ice, THINK! As the guy says, Climate is always changing. THINK! OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN YOUR MIND!

tracingBigTime said...

The science shows this is a dead issue and the politics should confirm anyone with any doubt. If they didn't have nearly every media platform in their pocket, this would have been settled and gone decades ago