Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Climate hoax promoter Hayhoe: "It’s not easy opening your mail in the morning and seeing a hundred e-mails, each one more hateful than the last"

Regarding Hayhoe's suggestion that she receives 100 "hate" mails per day: I think she's lying.

Canadian climate scientist finds fame, hate mail in U.S. - The Globe and Mail
Katharine Hayhoe is now a figure of some fame and controversy in the United States, for her sin is that she is an evangelical Christian who is also a climate scientist trying to convince skeptics that climate change is for real.
...Now, her teaching duties at Texas Tech University have resumed and the sting from the Gingrich snub is fading. But the hate mail is still pouring in, dozens of insulting e-mails every morning.
“It’d be a lot easier to stay home. It’s not easy having people standing up and screaming at you. It’s not easy opening your mail in the morning and seeing a hundred e-mails, each one more hateful than the last,” Dr. Hayhoe said Monday, in her first interview with a Canadian news outlet.
“That’s not easy. And it’s not the science that motivates me. It’s what comes from the heart.”
...“There’s a well-organized campaign, primarily in the United States but also in other countries, including Canada and Australia, of bloggers, of people in the media, of basically professional climate deniers whose main goal is to abuse, to harass and to threaten anybody who stands up and says climate change is real – especially anybody who’s trying to take that message to audiences that are more traditionally skeptical of this issue.”
...“The attacks’ virulence, the hatred and the nastiness of the text have escalated exponentially. I’ve gotten so many hate mail in the last few weeks I can’t even count them.”...An aunt is a sinologist at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
...Dr. Hayhoe says she had never met people who didn’t believe in climate change until she moved to the U.S. and began her public work.
Hey, Hey. Hayhoe. – Climate Denialist Hatred and Intimidation campaigns have Got to Go « Climate Denial Crock of the Week
The template is a well worn one, as veteran scientists like Mike Mann, Ben Santer, Kevin Trenberth, and Phil Jones can attest.  I outlined one of the more notable examples in the video below.  The parallels between modern science denial and medieval witch hunts are more than rhetorical. Climate deniers like the execrable Marc Morano have openly called for scientists to be dragged into the streets and flogged  Sharia style.  If you wonder how a civilized nation can descend into brutality and darkness, look no further than the hateful, anti-intellectual, and frighteningly well financed campaign of the science denial movement.

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MostlyHarmless said...

I’m ploughing through GISS station data for west Texas (Hayhoe says winter temps are rising there). My only criterion for selection is that the data extends to 2010 or 2011. So far (25 checked), no station shows anything but winter cooling since 1999/2000. Hayhoe – on we go!