Monday, January 02, 2012

Dendrochronologists get spanked by guy with expertise in tree physiology and wood anatomy

ClimateGate Email 1738
"However, there are bounds to dendrochronology, as there are to every field of investigation, and the discipline has spilled over way outside of those bounds, to the point of absurdity."

"What troubles me even more than the inexactness attending chronological estimates is how much absolute nonsense -- really nothing but imaginative speculation -- about the environment of the past is being deduced from tree rings and published in dendrochronology journals."

"...but dendrochronology has persistently rejected walking the hard road, that of understanding the fundamental genetic and environmental factors controlling wood formation. As I see it, the peer review process in dendrochronology must be fundamentally flawed to allow such publications. Physiologist remain to build any real confidence in their ideas of how environmental factors influence tree ring formation, and dendrochronologists therefore are not at all justified in pretending that they do. The bounds of dendrochronology will be extended, as will confidence in dendrochronological reports, when your group stops pretending that it knows the answers before it has done the needed research. Again, I am troubled by your group that it shows little humility, no genuine desire to discover the truth."
Hat tip: AJ

UNB | Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management | Rod Savidge

Areas of expertise

Tree physiology
Wood anatomy
cell biology


Derfel Cadarn said...

At this point in things we must conclude that when submitting governmental reports in the continuing search for additional funding,that the TRUTH has little if any baring on the matter. All society has been compromised by the corruption big government. Science's integrity will henceforth forever be in question. What sad times we do live in.

Firkin said...

Savidge's bark is worse than his bite.