Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Email 1267: In 2007, Revkin coaxes Phil Jones to share his views that we must act now

ClimateGate FOIA grepper!

date: Thu, 06 Dec 2007 10:49:05 -0500 from: Andrew Revkin subject: Re: NYTimes.com: Dot Earth: Climate Panel May Not Have Time to to: Phil Jones , ???@nytimes.com

don't suppose you'd be willing to post that as a comment, phil?? : ) would help jog folks a bit.

At 10:37 AM 12/6/2007, Phil Jones wrote:

Andy, You hit the nail on the head in your last few sentences. There will be less science done on climate change if govts of the world ask for another review. Hardly any of the scientists who did the last one will want to do it again. Also the conclusions aren't going to change. This talk just seems like a delaying tactic to put off decisions till a later date. The message isn't going to change. It's about time they started doing something as opposed to talking about it. The issue isn't like most normal things they deal with. Let's set up a committee and wait for it to report. The issue might then go away and our electorate think we're doing something. They have the report now - 2007 - they need to act. Cheers Phil

Hat tip: AJ

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