Monday, January 09, 2012

Email 2748: Phil Jones sees McIntyre closing in on Mann

ClimateGate email 2748
date: Thu Sep 25 16:51:02 2008 from: Phil Jones subject: RE: FW: Schweingruber Series [FOI_08-50] to: "Tim Osborn"
Tim, Keith, Looking at CA, I can see why McIntyre wants what you sent to Scott. Mike has deleted all the post 1960 values in the MXD data and infilled them with RegEM. What he wants to do is to get the original from you and then show the differences between Mike's infilled and what was originally there. Maybe you've realised this! All Mike's series are up, along with many pieces of code in Matlab. CA spend much of their time complaining about the code. Remind me never to send them any of my code! Cheers Phil
Hat tip: AJ

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