Monday, January 16, 2012

Email 3115: Michael Mann again on refusing to communicate with the "idiots" and "losers" who dare to question Mann's work

Email 3115

[Mann] Well, Legates "paper" won't pass the laugh test. I suggest we ignore it and allow it to die the death of silence. It won't be worth our time responding. He's already discredited himself by publishing this on a right wing web site, so full of mistakes. If I were you, I would discontinue any further correspondence you might have had w/ Legates, the Finn, or any of these other idiots. They're simply going to save up your emails and try to take anything you said out of context....This Bellamy guy sounds like he's right up there w/ the rest of these losers (I've never heard of him). I think that they may now finally have gone just far enough to permanently descredit themselves w/ the latest round of baseless attacks, since they have been exposed as having gotten even the most basic facts wrong..


Sizzlechest said...

This is true "peer review".

Thanks much, Tom, for all you are doing.

Michael Mann should be made to pay back every bloody cent.

David Ball said...

Tom, when I tell you I appreciate your efforts, you will know this to be true. The arrogance of MM is what I find troubling.