Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Email 3235, March 2004, Phil Jones: "Chris [Vincent] seems much more honest than Trevor [Davies]"

Email 3235

They said that getting the JIF (Govt. money for new buildings/lab equipment etc) money was a high-risk initiative !! When was getting ~£15M high risk ! It got us the new building (ZICER) and LGMAC( new lab equipment for the Lab. for Global Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry). ... All means that I'll take over as sole Director with Keith as Deputy. I'm negotiating with Trevor to get some support here - i.e not to lose Jean's money. Hopefully will have someone good coming on the CRU staff and also someone to do much of the day-to-day running (the work Jean has been doing). Should all be sorted out by the time I see you in April. Chris Vincent will be Dean from August, when Trevor takes on his new PVC post for research here at UEA ! Chris seems much more honest than Trevor [Davies] - hopefully not famous last wrods.

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On 24 November, Trevor Davies, the University of East Anglia pro-vice-chancellor with responsibility for research, rejected calls for Jones' resignation or firing: "We see no reason for Professor Jones to resign and, indeed, we would not accept his resignation. He is a valued and important scientist."

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