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Email 4657, Oct 2000, It's a small world after all: Editor of Journal of Climate, Michael Mann, gets Phil Jones to review a paper by Tom Wigley and Ben Santer

Email 4657

date: Tue Oct 24 15:20:04 2000 from: Phil Jones
subject: Re: JOC Review to: Brendaw Morris

Dear Brendaw, My review of the paper JCL 3435 is attached. My recommendation is to accept the paper subject to minor changes. I don't wish to see it again. If there are any problems with the attachment, let me know and I can fax the 2 pages.

Cheers Phil Jones

At 06:58 PM 10/7/00 -0400, you wrote: Professor Michael Mann, Editor of Journal of Climate, has suggested you as a possible reviewer of a paper entitled "Differential ENSO and volcanic effects on surface and tropospheric temperatures" (JCL-3435 by T. M. L. Wigley and B. D. Santer.

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