Thursday, January 05, 2012

Environmental Defense Fund aids Mann in rebutting McKitrick / McIntyre

From email 3738:

"EDF wants to try to help me get a response to the USA Today opinion piece by Nick Schulz..." (Op-ed by Schulz was on McKitrick and McIntyre's work. - AJ)
"I'm going to try to work w/ Annie Petsonk* at EDF to incorporate their suggestions w/ those you guys have provided..."

*(AJ here) From the EDF website:  Annie Petsonk coordinates EDF's advocacy efforts on international environmental law, international agreements and institutions.
How much did Petsonk help?  Here's a draft of what she prepared for dissemination to reporters and congressional staff posted at Steve Schneider's .edu website.  When compared they're almost identical.

(Via reader AJ)

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