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I scratched your back, you scratch mine: After helping Phil Jones become an AGU fellow, Mike Mann asks Jones if he's interested in "returning the favor"

ClimateGate email 5121

At 13:15 29/05/2008, you wrote:

     Phi [Jones]--this gets back to something we discussed this some time ago. Are you an AGU fellow already? If not, I think we should nominate you!

     mike [Mann]

Recent AGU Fellows

2009 Newly Elected Fellows...Philip Jones  University of East Anglia, Norfolk, United Kingdom

ClimateGate FOIA grepper!

[2009 email, Mike Mann to Phil Jones] On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering if you, perhaps in tandem w/ some of the other usual suspects, might be interested in returning the favor this year ;) I've looked over the current list of AGU fellows, and it seems to me that there are quite a few who have gotten in (e.g. Kurt Cuffey, Amy Clement, and many others) who aren't as far along as me in their careers, so I think I ought to be a strong candidate. anyway, I don't want to pressure you in any way, but if you think you'd be willing to help organize,I would naturally be much obliged. Perhaps you could convince Ray or Malcolm to take the lead? The deadline looks as if it is again July 1 this year. looking forward to catching up w/ you sometime soon, probably at some exotic location of Henry's choosing ;) mike

Hat tip: AJ

Now check out this one:

Michael Mann Responds to Climategate Allegations | Watts Up With That?

[Dale C comment] What are the implications of this exchange?

See 1213201481.txt.

I have trouble understanding why this simple exchange is not the end of Michael Mann. Does Penn State, by turning Nelson’s blind eye, support this sort of thing?


2. Phil tells mike that the index is 62 if other ‘phil jones’ are not removed, 52 otherwise:

...3. Mike tells Phil he will use 62 regardless:

HI Phil,

OK–thanks, I’ll just go w/ the H=62. That is an impressive number and

almost certainly higher than the vast majority of AGU Fellows.



Phil Jones was subsequently admitted as a fellow.

Does this mean, as it certainly appears to mean, the Phil Jones was fradulently admitted as an AGU fellow?

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Tom - thought you`d enjoy this piece on the `Scientific Method` which certainly relates to these guys.