Monday, January 23, 2012

Left-wing "scientist" PZ Myers weighs in: Climate realist TV weathermen are allegedly "conspiracy nuts"

Good hair turns out to be a poor science educator : Pharyngula

So I guess it's not surprising that the "scientists" leading the charge against global warming are climate-denier TV weathermen. That link takes you to a long list of quotes from various television weather personalities — including a couple from Minneapolis — who all deny reality and use their position as frontmen pretending to be scientists to delude the public. Take a look and see if your local television station has a conspiracy nut doing the weather.

Another interesting aside in that article is that all of the current Republican candidates for president are climate change deniers. Every single one...

I think we can safely say that no Republican should be allowed anywhere near the reins of government. They're anti-science through and through.


Ralf J. said...

To argue that there is a "Scientific Consensus" and it's "settled" is unscientific through and through! Science always has to challenge itself!
Otherwise it's a dogma, rligion...or even nuts!

Anonymous said...

Anti scientist weathermen? What about the anti-scientist leader of your cult Al Gore?