Monday, January 02, 2012

Michael Mann on keeping up with the scientific literature: "I don't read E&E, gives me indigestion"

Email 174

I don't read E&E, gives me indigestion--I don't even consider it peer-reviewed science,
and in my view we should treat it that way. i.e., don't cite, and if journalists ask us
about a paper, simply explain its not peer-reviewed science, and Sonja B-C, the editor,
has even admitted to an anti-Kyoto agenda! [Michael Mann]

Flashback: A tip from Michael Mann on how to handle scientific debate: Set up your email server so that it automatically rejects email from people who disagree with you

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Unknown said...

What's your beef with this? Everything he said is accurate. What specifically do you disagree with? Can you support your claim?