Friday, January 06, 2012

Question: If warmist Hayhoe isn't an "activist", why does the Guardian say she tweets and makes regular appearances " try to persuade the public to act on climate science"?

Climate scientist disowned by Newt Gingrich speaks out over book spat | Environment |

Hayhoe is well-known in the relatively small world of climate scientists for her willingness to engage with the public on climate change, especially with conservatives and faith-based communities...

Hayhoe has a higher public profile than many other climate scientists. She tweets and makes regular appearances at community events – church suppers, book clubs, seniors' homes, Christian colleges – to try to persuade the public to act on climate science.

Again, note that in the photo of Hayhoe trying to convince us that CO2 might kill us all, she's both smiling and clutching some planet-killing bottled water.

Flashback: Foaming-at-the-mouth warmist Katharine Hayhoe thinks she's "squarely in the middle" on the global warming hoax debate

For example, with this freedom of interest request, they were trying to show that I was an activist, because I wrote a book chapter in my field to be published by an academic press.And by that token any professor can be called an activist, and that’s a very dangerous, slippery road to be on.....

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