(AGI) Kiev - Other 21 persons died in the Ukraine cold spell in the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 122 in one week,
said sources from the Kiev Emergency Ministry. The ministry said 78 were found dead on the streets, 32 in their homes and
12 died after being rescued. Nearly 1600 people are receiving medical treatment for cold-related ailments, with numerous
cases of hypothermia or frostbite

Twitter / @PeterGleick: "@AlejandraGolden: Is the ...

 ": Is the Artic Oscillation anomaly responsible for cold in Europe and N. America? " maybe it's winter

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Bangladesh, hard-hit by change, has 'mega plan' for power (7,000MW, more than total generated now)

Coral, Part II: Is the Cold or Heat More Lethal? -

climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of both hot and cold events [Melissa Roth]

Energy, Security, and Climate » Argument and Authority in the Climate Fight

But, in the final sentences of their piece, they go a step further:

“In addition, there is very clear evidence that investing in the transition to a low-carbon economy will not only allow the world to avoid the worst risks of climate change, but could also drive decades of economic growth. Just what the doctor ordered.”

“Very clear evidence”? Perhaps someone can point me to that. There are certainly frequent claims from politicians and advocates along these lines. There are even some papers (invariably controversial) that offer suggestive arguments. But there is nothing remotely approaching “very clear evidence” – certainly not the sort of evidence that the letter writers would (rightly) expect in the climate science literature where they themselves publish.

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Tea Party activists see UN Black Helicopters in bike lanes and park projects... (NYT)

Is Revkin really sure that Tea Party activisits don't just see their hard-earned cash being blown on idiotic left-wing bad-weather-preventing projects?

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