Thursday, February 16, 2012

Andrew Revkin Finds Journalism Religion After Posting Fraudulent Document

[Jim Lakely, Heartland] New York Times climate blogger Andrew Revkin on Tuesday afternoon was one of the first to print fake documents attributed to The Heartland Institute. One of Heartland’s senior fellows for environmental policy exchanged some emails today with Revkin, pointing out there were “inaccuracies” in the documents that he posted online — without first verifying their authenticity with The Heartland Institute.

It appears Revkin’s journalistic ethics were reawakened upon his realization that he’s been “had” by lefitst alamarists. Here’s Revkin’s response to our senior fellow from this afternoon

Notes on the faked Heartland document | Watts Up With That?

8. The ”2012 Climate Strategy” is the purported “smoking gun” that provides commentary and context missing from the other factual documents. Without this framing document, the other documents and what they contain, are rather bland. Without it, there’s not much red meat to dangle in front of people that would tear into it.

Flashback: "Revkin told POLITICO on Wednesday that he’s been able to confirm that the documents are legitimate"

[Note that when I posted the link above at 3:15pm Central yesterday, the text in quotes above was still in the Politico article. Now the text is gone, with no explanation by Politico.]

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