Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm confused: If scientists are completely uninterested in money, how did Heartland allegedly win the climate debate by buying scientists for $300k, while warmists lost it while splitting up $79 billion in US government money?

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MT Heartland buys anti-climate change "scientists" for $300K: p13 of

Climate Money: The Climate Industry: billion so far – trillions to come | Originals

The US government has spent over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, administration, education campaigns, foreign aid, and tax breaks. Despite the billions: “audits” of the science are left to unpaid volunteers. A dedicated but largely uncoordinated grassroots movement of scientists has sprung up around the globe to test the integrity of the theory and compete with a well funded highly organized climate monopoly. They have exposed major errors.

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Anonymous said...

I'm relieved to hear that perhaps at least one conservative organization is concerned enough about the bogus man-caused climate change to put up a bit of money to fend off the likes of Al Gore and his ork-followers.