Thursday, February 02, 2012

In Davos, Climate Change Is Dead And Buried

Several key things were missing from the mix at this year’s Davos meeting, according to the breakfast panel — young people, women and serious discussion about climate change, to name but a few.

Britain's £7 Billion Solar Energy Fiasco

A plan to subsidise solar panels on homes was “one of the most ridiculous schemes ever dreamed up”, a Government minister has said.

C3: Climate Model Believer Kevin Trenberth: New Research Proves His Precipitation Predictions Robustly Bad

The travesty of Kevin Trenberth's climate predictions is only challenged by those of climate modeler James Hansen - they are both consistently wrong

8 Reasons to Dump That Cheating Doctor (Trenberth et al are wrong in the WSJ) « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax

1. His predictions fail.

2. He uses fallacies to reason — like “argument from authority” instead of empirical evidence.

3. He’s been caught cheating “hiding declines”, trying to get dissenting doctors banned from publishing their work, and worrying what will happen if his patients realize how little he knows: “They’ll kill me probably.”

4. He refuses to debate his radical treatments publicly. “It’s beyond debate”.

6. He doesn’t appear to understand the scientific method – when data disagrees with his theory, he throws out the data and keeps the theory.

7. When you ask him for evidence that the treatment works he keeps saying “Trust me, I’m an expert”.

8. The numbers don’t add up. Where’s the cost-benefit sums? (Like this or this?) His treatment plan means the nation needs to lower it’s quality of life now, … so … our children’s children will live ten minutes longer in 2100?

William M. Briggs, Statistician » On Global Warming Apoplexy: Temperature Trends

It is a sure sign that Sanity has packed her bags and headed for the door when otherwise sober scientists begin slinging around terms like “denier” and “denialist.” Language like this displays willful, pretended, or real ignorance of the historical context of these words. Anybody who talks like this makes himself an ass. They’s fightin’ words which start any discussion on an angry footing, their presence a certain indication we are dealing with zealotry, not science.

WSJ ‘No Need to Panic’ Op-ed Prompts Heated Exchanges, Leading to Long-Awaited ‘Last Word’ (Not really of course) | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

It’s all enough to make Dotearth editor Andy Revkin, promoting his view that economics trumps climate science in shaping approaches to climate change, murmur “so tired of this crap.”

Sea Level Rise, One More Frontier For Climate Dialogue Controversy | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

Residents and civic officials from Delaware to San Francisco and from Galveston to North Carolina’s Outer Banks are learning as they go on preparing for sea level rise risks that some of their residents fundamentally doubt.

Snow forecast for Sahara Desert

Parts of north Africa face six inches of powder, says Meteogroup forecaster Stephen Davenport. “The deep cold is spreading surprisingly far south.”

One person dying every five minutes in Britain due to cold weather

Britain reels from a winter death rate twice as high as some of the world’s coldest countries, according to the Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer.

Professor Dame Sally Davies said the average increase in winter deaths in England and Wales is 1,560 per week compared to non-winter months, with a “substantial” increase on top of that total expected due to extreme cold this week.

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