Monday, March 26, 2012

Climate hoax promoter Mann claims that ClimateGate revealed "no impropriety"; says that trace amounts of CO2 "may be the greatest threat that civilization has ever faced"

At the Blunt End of the Hockey Stick: Q&A with Michael Mann | KQED's Climate Watch

[Mann] I think we have to recognize that there isn’t quite a moral equivalency to what Gleick did and what the criminals who hacked the CRU emails did.

In the latter case, there was no impropriety revealed, just a cynical attempt to misrepresent and smear honest scientists, and it was used as part of a coordinated effort by vested interests to derail any progress in Copenhagen toward reaching a meaningful agreement to reduce global carbon emissions. In the former case, with Heartland, what was revealed…simply amplified what we had already known, that Heartland was part of an industry-funded effort to mislead the public about climate change. What was particularly revolting was the campaign afoot, revealed by the stolen documents — that is, the numerous documents whose authenticity Heartland has not denied — to mislead our children by inserting anti-scientific climate change denial propaganda into K-12 classrooms around the country. This is especially pernicious given that it is our children — and grandchildren — who will see the most damaging impacts of climate change if we do not choose to act now.

...Miller: I’ve heard many scientists lately lamenting what they perceive to be a general hostility toward science in America of late.
“We’ve reached a point where science is just another way of waging politics.”

Mann: Yeah, it’s a very disturbing development. We sometimes talk about the politicization of science, but…I think what we’re really talking about is the scientization of politics. Something in some sense even worse. We’ve reached a point where science is just another way of waging politics, the abuse of science, the misrepresentation of science.

And to me, that’s very disturbing because we rely upon being informed about society-relevant science and technology to move forward. I mean, it’s what grew our economy. It’s what has allowed the U.S. to be [one] of the leading industrial nations.  And for us to now have evolved to a point where there are many at the highest levels of our political system who take what can only be characterized as an anti-scientific view — the rejection of science, whether it be the science of climate change or evolution or, you know, stem cell research, what-have-you. I think that’s very troubling. I think it’s part of a larger sort of poisoning of our public discourse that we have seen in recent years.

Miller: Any regrets about your chosen career path at this point?

Mann: When I look back and ask myself, you know, where am I now, and where would I have been, I can’t imagine anything more important that I could be doing with my life than talking to the public about what, frankly, may be the greatest threat that civilization has ever faced: the challenge of dealing with human-caused climate change — and to be in a position where I can inform the public dialog about that problem. I was a reluctant entrant into the public debate over climate change. But over time, I’ve grown to embrace the opportunities that that’s given me to talk about this issue.


Anonymous said...

FEARFUL ecofascist parasites pretend to ignore how a volcanic winter will exterminate them FIRST, as happened at least to cannibal Mayas-Aztecs-Incas obscurantist priesthoods.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be an absolute loser journalist to interview this guy, who the hell listens to this fear-mongering corrupt scum.

Kent Clizbe said...

"You gotta be an absolute loser journalist to interview this guy, who the hell listens to this fear-mongering corrupt scum."

Great question!

For the answer, see the link below for an absolute loser "journalist" interview with the Hockey Team coach, Professor Mann.

Thom Hartmann is a refugee from the PC-Progressive Air America radio network.

Unable to find customers who would actually pay for his anti-American spew, Hartmann seems to have landed where he belongs--on the propaganda network of a hostile foreign government--Russia TV (RT).

Hartmann has a regular show there, where he vomits out the standard PC-Progressive anti-American party line.

His interview with Mann is a classic. It was the first time I'd ever seen Mann on video. His body language and mannerisms speak volumes to an experienced observer. And, of course, so do his words.


Kent Clizbe

pyeatte said...

I have said for some time the fabrication and lies about climate change pushed by the left and people like Mann would generate a disrespect for science in the minds of the public. When you learn that left-wing political agendas dictate what "science" says, you no longer believe anything they say.

Snapple said...

Kent Clizbe notes that Dr. Mann appeared on Russia Today.

Clizbe has a double standard. Chimate change denialists have been appearing on Russia Today (RT) for years and trashing American and British climate scientists.

Perhaps what is happening is that the party line is changing and the Kremlin media is throwing Lord Monckton, John O'Sullivan, Pat Michaels, Piers Corbyn, and many others under the bus.

The Russians do eventually admit their anti-science campaigns. Khrushchev's Secret Speech admitted the Doctors' plot was fake. Primakov admitted that the KGB spread the lie that AIDS was made by Pentagon scientists.

The KGB has actually hired outside experts just as the CIA does to study the effects of climate change. The former CIA expert Paul Goble has written about this.

On the other hand, the Russians want to sell their gas.

I personally don't believe that Clizbe was in the CIA. He doesn't seem to know that the CIA even has a Center for Climate Change and National Security.

I did find it amusing when Mr. Hartmann asked who is funding climate change denialism. One answer is Russia Today--they have been hosting denialists for years!

Snapple said...

If Kent Clizbe is so offended by anti-American spew, why does he always sound so anti-American? Why does he support climate change denialists who go on RT and trash American scientific agencies and scientists?

Mr. Clizbe sounds just like the Soviets accusing our Pentagon scientists of making AIDS for genocide. The KGB finally admitted that lie because they needed help with their AIDS epidemic.

Mr. Clizbe claims he was in the CIA, but the CIA has a Center for Climate Change and National Security.

Didn't Clizbe do some denialist projects with John O'Sullivan? O'Sullivan was on Russia Today.

The Heartland's Tom Harris was on RT. Why wasn't Clizbe offended that this Heartland guy was on the anti-American RT?

I think it is good that Dr. Mann was on RT, although I don't suppose it was possible to say that RT has been sponsoring Western denialists.
Maybe the party line is changing and they will be more cooperative.

I know that in the Czech Republic the Russian LUKoil paid for President Klaus's denialist manifesto to be translated into other languages.

The Russian information agencies have been spreading denialist propaganda, just like Kent Clizbe.

A person in the CIA would know that climate change is affecting Russia a lot.

Snapple said...

Kent Clizbe is claiming in a post on his site that a "nice lady" at the CIA wants his computer. He is also claiming that he contacted a famous lawyer: "The one who handles every high level issue having to do with the CIA and personnel."

Clizbe tried to use his CIA cache to slime Michael Mann, but the real CIA and the Pentagon are concerned about the national security implications of climate change.