Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Settled science: Every place is allegedly "Climate change's ground zero"

Florida at highest risk for flooding from sea level rise, report finds - Breaking News - MiamiHerald.com
The “Surging Seas” report, which echoes and expands on previous studies by universities and government agencies that have pinpointed South Florida as ground zero for global warming impacts, can be found at sealevel.climatecentral.org.
Is Colorado Ground Zero for global warming? « Summit County Citizens Voice
SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado may be warming up faster than anywhere else in the contiguous 48 states
Johann Hari: A Journey Across the Ground Zero of Global Warming
He handed me shafts of scientific studies as he explained: "This [Bangladesh] is the ground zero of global warming."
Barrow, Alaska: Ground Zero for Climate Change | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine
Nauru: Ground zero for global warming? | MadMikesAmerica
Maldives, Ground Zero for Climate Change Impacts – News Watch
Mark Begich: Changing Views at Ground Zero for Global Warming
Alaska is ground zero for global warming.
Utah is Ground Zero for Global Warming? Really - The Daily Green
Canadian north offers 'ground zero' view of global warming - USATODAY.com
"This is really ground zero for global warming," said Will Steger, a 62-year-old Minnesotan who has been traveling the region for 43 years and has witnessed the impact of warming on the 155,000 indigenous people of the Arctic.
Jennifer Wu Photography : Photo Keywords : global warming 
[Greenland] is ground zero for global warming.
Der Spiegel: The “Ground Zero Of Climate Change” Is Becoming Green – Expanding Sahara Is A Myth
The Sahel zone is called the ground zero of climate change by UN officials.
“Ground zero for climate change” [Palmer Station in Antarctica] | CEJournal
India's Climate Change Ground Zero | OnEarth Magazine
LO LAT LO -- LO LAT LA: The Tuvalu Ground Zero Climate Change Interview
Arizona: Climate Impact Ground Zero? | The Energy Collective
Benin - At climate change's 'Ground Zero'
Here at the fringes of climate change's "Ground Zero", no mourning bell tolls for the women who are most vulnerable to climate change's impacts...
Climate change 'ground zero' is far north Queensland | The Courier-Mail
In the Tropical Forests of Sumatra: Notes from Climate Change 'Ground Zero'
Ground zero: Climate change could hurt rice production | The Jakarta Post


lejones said...

How do I get Plymouth, Michigan nominated for ground zero? I wanna watch!

Anonymous said...

National Geographic had a big spread not long ago proclaiming "Iceland Ground Zero for Global Warming".

I mean c'mon, they also had a spread that they pulled that showed many dead birds caused by big "wind mill" power generators.

Hypocrites all.

Anonymous said...

97% agree that "ground zero" is where each of the 97% say it is.