Friday, April 27, 2012

Left-wing political activist Anna Rose on Morano allegedly "making things up": "Do a simple Google search, you'll find hundreds of examples"

Climate Depot on Aussie TV documentary: 'The Arctic is now 9,000 Manhattans over low point of 2007; Sea level, contrary to predictions of it accelerating has actually dropped' | Climate Depot

[Morano] Anna, you should not be affiliated with a movement that proved itself sub-prime science, sub-prime economics and sub-prime politics. You are the face of one of the greatest threats of our liberty, and that is intellectual, international bean-counters trying to control average people's lives because they think they know better how people should live, because people left to their own devices will somehow destroy the planet. It is a mockery. You've been had.

...Producer: Anna I'm don't want to discuss anything at all?

Anna Rose: I really happy to listen to what Marc has to say, but as I said at the start, I'm not going to be engaging in point-to-point debate because he is known for making things up.

Nick Minchin: What did he make up?

Anna Rose: Do a simple Google search, you'll find hundreds of examples.

Nick Minchin: What did you make up, Marc?

Marc Morano: I don't know. I can't defend myself against non-attacks, which is what she is doing. Basically she's saying I'm a liar so she won't talk to me.

Anna: I just did a simple Google search, and I found zero examples. You are making things up.

Anna Rose - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anna Rose (born 14 April 1983) is an Australian author, activist and environmentalist. She co-founded the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) in late 2006

...graduated in 2008 with degrees in Law (1st class honours) and Arts....In 2007 Rose went on exchange to Cornell Law School and while living in the United States represented young Australians at the Secretary General's Special Conference on Climate Change at the United Nations in New York on September 24.[7] She also volunteered on the Obama campaign in the New Hampshire Primary.[6]

...Rose lives in Sydney with her husband Simon Sheikh, National Director of online advocacy organisation GetUp!.


SE Pepper said...

Yes, "hundreds of examples", alright-- of PROPAGANDA. = LIES

Russell C said...

Classic self-projection. AGW promoters are the ones caught making stuff up, like hockey stick temperature graphs, "leaked" memos that supposedly indict places like the Heartland Institute, altered photos of polar bears on slivers of ice, "peer-reviewed" papers in the IPCC reports that actually aren't... somebody might just be tallying up the count on these as we speak.....

Hugh K said...

Aha, the old 'google search defense' from the budding lawyer.

Anna - Do a simple google search your honor and you'll find hundreds of examples how the district attorney is making stuff up. The defense rests...

Honors student?!? Anna should be thanking gaia for a pretty face, a cute accent and grants.

stewgreen said...

Russel thanks for alerting us to SELF PROJECTION

- "The Science is settled"
- "The steep incline graphs of global temperature averages based on climate models produced by the IPCC have proven themselves by correctly predicting the last 14 years"

- Yes only people IN DENIAL would say that kind of thing what would they call other people no sharing their view ? ...

Anonymous said...

I did a google search marc morano makes things up and got 547,000 hits.
Next, did a google search anna rose makes things up and got 48,000,000 hits.
Don't mess with google

GDixon said...

Anonymous: the Google search is for examples, not hits. Provide one, please.