Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bummer: Carbon dioxide might cause more pleasant weather, which might allow people to mix socially more, which might lead to more violent crime

Society: Do warmer average temperatures stimulate more crime? -- 05/01/2012 --

"It's a simple but crucial fact that people tend to get out and about more when it's pleasant out," he said. "During the winter months, people can't get out. There aren't as many opportunities to interact."

Warm weather lets people mix socially, he said. And it is only a matter of probability that sometimes that mixture may prove volatile.

"More opportunity for violent crime means more violent crime," he said.

...Yet two American psychologists, Ellen Cohn and James Rotton, both of Florida State University, found their tipping point at a much lower temperature threshold. By analyzing violent crime rates over a two-year period, classifying assaults according to time, day of the week, month and temperature, they found that violence rose as the temperature rose to about 80 degrees Fahrenheit -- and then declined.


Paul Wright said...

More people on the street means LESS crime, not more. Criminals conduct themselves away from the public gaze. Otherwise there would be more muggings in shopping malls than dark alleys.

RWH said...

When it's raining and storming out, there's less crime. Global warming supposedly causes more storms, therefore global warming reduces crime.

thebiggreenlie said...

Actually there has been more violence created by these disgusting, lying Green eco-whackos than any "social gathering" on the street on a warm summer's night!
This liars should all be jailed and witness real violence inside their cells!