Saturday, May 05, 2012

Lengthy, "unprecedented" cold spell hits Morocco; global warming blamed

Africa Review - Morocco's Green dream fails climate test

An unprecedented cold spell that struck Morocco in February and continues to linger well into March has raised serious questions about the country’s national agricultural development programme, which will fail to achieve its desired results if climate change continues to be mismanaged.
...‘’We have never seen such a degree of cold. All that we worked for was completely destroyed,” Ahmed El Aiboudi, a farmer from the Ouled Frej region, 120 kilometres south of Casablanca, said.

“We were not protected against this icy cold. Nobody expected it,” he added.

Nevertheless, for climatologists, such changes have been inevitable.

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Otter said...

*blinks* How the $%^& can ANYONE 'mismanage' climate change!?!