Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slow progress since Earth Summit 20 years ago |

“Let’s consider climate change like you are in a car trying to stop before reaching a ledge. We are applying the brakes but we are still far away from decelerating enough not to fall from the ledge,” Wael Hmaidan, director of activist group Climate Action Network, told AFP on the sidelines of the talks which ended Friday.

Moms Taking Their Clean Air Message To The EPA | ThinkProgress

Global warming is a children’s health emergency, and we need to address it now, before it’s too late.

Ice — Like The Day After Tomorrow, Except with British People |

Undetected, a giant piece of ice the size of a small country breaks off the Antarctic continent and becomes a major world threat as it heads on an inexorable course north towards the UK, Europe and the US. Swathed in its own fog, and carrying its own devastating weather patterns the frozen colossus triggers a series of disasters and plunges the world’s temperatures into steep decline leaving the world to contemplate the dawning of a new ice age.  [Hat tip: B. Lemon]

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