Thursday, June 14, 2012

1938 : A Forest Fire Every Three Minutes In The US | Real Science

Graham Readfearn | Who Is Filling Climate Scientists' Inboxes With Abuse, Intimidation And Hate?

What is now clear is that climate scientists around the world are being subjected to a vicious and hate-filled campaign of intimidation.

Global Warming: Lucky to be Alive - Harder Scrutiny May Kill it Outright | RedState

Skeptic scientists have exposed the IPCC’s faulty science for two decades. Any ordinary citizen can easily spot massive faults in the efforts to smear skeptics.

We don’t need to solve a climate crisis. We instead have a politically-driven agenda begging for a top-to-bottom investigation.

UK - Forecasters predict 'once in 50 years' storm - Worst June since records began

Temperatures up to 10C below normal and sunshine down 60 per cent.

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