Thursday, June 14, 2012

China for a day: How much CO2-induced bad weather was prevented by forcibly aborting this woman's baby?

Outrage After Grisly Photo Of Chinese Woman Forced To Abort In Seventh Month

Feng told a Caixin reporter that she was forced into the abortion because she can’t afford the 40,000 RMB ($6,300) penalty imposed by the local family planning department....Feng Jianmei said that on June 2 more than 20 staff from the town’s family planning department came to her home and arrested her. On the way to the hospital, as she resisted, she said she was beaten by the authorities.

During the injection, lethal to the fetus, none of her family was allowed to be present. When her father-in-law heard the news and rushed to the hospital he was prevented from entering the obstetrics ward.

...However, Li also admitted that in his town the family planning department’s target of implementing the one-child policy – set at 95% - has not been achieved for two consecutive years, and there is consequently particular emphasis this year on enforcement of government policy. 

Flashback: German Climate Scientist Says China’s One-Child Policy Was “Most Effective Climate Policy of the Last Decade” : Turtle Bay and Beyond – International Law, Policy, and Institutions

Professor von Storch’s translated statement below:

According to the IEA, global emissions last year climbed 3.2%. I believe that corresponds to the annual emission of Germany – roundabout.

The most effective climate policy of the last decade was the 1-child policy in China which saved the world from approx. 400 million emitters and emitter-reproducers.”

Flashback: Friedman Again Hails Communist China's 'One-Party Autocracy' as Superior to American Democracy | Media Research Center

In an appearance on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central in November 2008, Friedman wished America could be "China for a day" to push Friedman's green agenda through.

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