Thursday, June 28, 2012

'Gasland' Filmmaker Takes on Cuomo and 'Dot.FlatEarth' -

[Warmist Andy Revkin] Overstatement for the sake of getting attention always kicks back — as has happened on climate many times. Ask the editors of the journal Science about the importance of “sweating the details.”

[Josh Fox] I suggest renaming your blog dot.flatearth...We should not be building new power plants that burn fossil fuels, period...Mr. Revkin, you are in danger of going down a dangerous road, that of the worst kind of apologists for fossil fuels–masquerading as environmentalists while throwing the public health concerns of the New Yorkers who are least politically and economically positioned to defend themselves to the wayside.

Editorial in Nature calls for open access data – ‘Science’s capacity for self-correction comes from its openness to scrutiny and challenge.’ | Watts Up With That?

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