Friday, June 15, 2012

Lehman College prof’s accidental discovery makes  plants climate-change resilient  - NY Daily News

"We ended up with these cold-tolerant plants,” said Bradbury. “It was also tolerant to a lack of air, which is something that happens when plants are in flood conditions.

"If we're thinking global warming, its biggest impact will be its tolerance to flooding."

Twitter / carbonbrief: Do you have examples of ov

Do you have examples of overused climate change images? Send them to us and we will write an irreverent blog post about them, maybe.

Twitter / BarryJWoods: THAT Polar bear image, tak

THAT Polar bear image, taken on an expedition (with unusually heavy ice)
photo, Amanda Byrd,

C3: Extreme Climate Change: New EU Research Confirms That Global Warming Does Not Cause Severe Weather Events

The IPCC predictions of severe weather events, such as droughts, floods, storms and etc. due to global warming has been a rather embarrassing failure - and another study confirms that extreme climate change is not happening as result of warming

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