Monday, June 04, 2012

Scientist David Brin on climate realism: "It is a putsch by the same Junkers feudal caste that foisted Hitler on the German people"

Is global warming a major Jewish issue? It should be | San Diego Jewish World

[Danny Bloom] CHIAYI CITY, Taiwan — I cannot see the future and I’m no prophet, but I have seen the future – so to speak — and it’s dank, dark and dystopian.

In 500 years, if we do not tame climate change and global warming worldwide, Israel will be no more and the entire Middle East will be unoccupied by human beings.

Yes, by 2500, Israel will be no more if we do not stop global warming in its tracks now. It’s written on the wind, and scientists, many of them Jewish, know it.

Did you know that the Hebrew name for Al Gore’s climate change documentary An Inconvenient Truth  is Emet Matridah? Yes, and it means “The Truth That Terrifies.”

Okay, not everyone wants to sit at Mr. Gore’s table, and not all Jews believe in global warming. Some are vociferous critics of the climate ideas of James Hansen and James Lovelock. But there are also many Jewish scientists and climate activists who “get it” and understand that the very fate of humanity is in question.

Will humans exist a thousand years from now? Will there be any Jews alive?

...However, not everyone agrees with me on this, and one of my most perceptive critics, David Brin, whose insightful columns on science often appear here in the San Diego Jewish World, too, is one of them....[Brin] ”Especially since the recommendations do not amount to ‘sitting in the dark and shivering while ruining the economy.’ Nobody wants that. Not even hippies.  There are prudent measures we could take now, to prevent the worst mass extinction event in 65 million years. ’

”This is political.  It is a putsch by the same Junkers feudal caste that foisted Hitler on the German people… “in order to prevent socialism.”  It is a Big Lie campaign by the feudal aristocracy that started and maintained the diaspora for 2000 years’  [Via Marc Morano]

Beer Hall Putsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Beer Hall Putsch (also known as the Munich Putsch,[1] German: Hitlerputsch or German: Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch) was a failed attempt at revolution that occurred between the evening of 8 November and the early afternoon of 9 November 1923, when Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff, and other heads of the Kampfbund unsuccessfully tried to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

David Brin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Glen David Brin, Ph.D. (born October 6, 1950) is an American scientist and award-winning author of science fiction.


DirkH said...

David Brin obviously knows nothing about anything; if anyone profits from warmism it's exactly the German aristocrat class as they're cashing in big time through wind power subsidies - they still own a lot of German ground.

But I'm sure he just wanted to make a throwaway remark to smear skeptics as extremists, without ANY factual foundation; just something for the leftist media to pick up and have his name printed in the media to push his next book.

Brad said...

How does it look five years later, Tom Nelson? Still think it was a throwaway remark?

There's nothing wrong with skepticism. I think we need it much more than we do blind obedience and unchecked ambition. I agree that Brin was extreme in his comment; he went Godwin on it right out of the gate.

Consider, though, that climate change skeptics play dirty. Think of the American Republican party. I don't think we have whatever it was that Brin was responding to, so the context is lost.

I agree that the early climate change science had problems. I'm not at all convinced that they're modeling for anything but continued funding.

Still, the Antarctic is going to melt. No changing that. The oceans are already so acidic that shellfish are shrinking. Do you think maybe it's time to dial back the attack rhetoric and pay close attention to things like mass extinctions?

Tom said...

Antarctica has recently cooled 2.2C, and has near-record sea ice. Oceans aren't acidic. What mass extinctions?