Friday, July 20, 2012

Do NOT miss this: Look who's representing climate hoax promoter Michael Mann

Twitter / MichaelEMann: Being represented by exper ...
Being represented by experienced defamation lawyer John B. Williams of Cozen O'Conner in #NationalReview matter.
Cozen O'Connor People: John B. Williams
In 2001, John successfully represented R.J. Reynolds in the three-month Blue Cross/Blue Shield RICO trial before Judge Jack B. Weinstein.

Advertising Litigation — John has significant experience in all types of advertising litigation, including cases brought by the Federal Trade Commission, cases brought by the state attorneys general, consumer class actions, and private Lanham Act litigation. He successfully defended R.J. Reynolds in the commercial speech case filed by the Federal Trade Commission challenging the cartoon character, Joe Camel. He successfully defended Mobil Oil Corporation when seven state attorneys general, as well as the FTC, challenged Mobil's Hefty degradable bag claim...

Antitrust Litigation — John represented Lukens Steel, Bethlehem Steel, and Mobil Oil Corporation in a series of bid rigging cases in the electrical construction industry...
First Amendment Litigation — John has represented plaintiffs and defendants in libel and slander cases. He represented G. Gordon Liddy in his 10-year lawsuit against John W. Dean and Ida Maxie Wells arising from Liddy's endorsement of a revisionist theory of Watergate...On the plaintiffs' side, John represented Dr. Steven Levin in the "Dirty Doctor" case, in which Levin was unjustly accused by WJLA of sexually abusing his patients. The jury returned the largest defamation verdict ever affirmed on appeal in the commonwealth of Virginia.
$5.1 million defamation action could reopen Watergate | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
"This is the first time, frankly, that the purpose of the break-in will be litigated in court," said Liddy attorney John B. Williams.

Williams said Tuesday that the conservative talk-show host is not liable for defamation because what he has said is true.


Jimmy J said...

I say bring it on. In the USA, truth is a defense in defamation cases.
If you tell the truth, you win.
And, the contested issues are presented to an impartial jury.
This is what the skeptics want, a real debate on the issues and presentation of the facts to an impartial jury !
We the public win and the truth tellers win.

Oliver Manuel said...

This is great news.

Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo

Anonymous said...

so which lawsuit is this? there are so many involving Mann, who may have deep pockets behind him at least initially, see the PS: at