Monday, July 16, 2012

Michael Mann points us to a link that claims that trace amounts of CO2 are already killing people, and that politicians who don't buy into the hoax "already have blood on their hands"

Bill Berry: Climate change denying pols put lives at risk
Every major science academy in the world has reported that global warming is real. Still, the deniers persist, and human lives are lost. Many more are at risk. Let’s be clear about this: Politicians like Johnson bear full responsibility. They already have blood on their hands. They are doing anything but upholding their constitutional duty to promote the general welfare of the people.

Bill Berry of Stevens Point writes a semimonthly column for The Capital Times.
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[retweeted by Mann] .@MichaelEMann Shouldn't this fact be openly publicized? Climate change denial is immoral, human lives are being lost. [links to above Bill Berry piece] …


Anonymous said...

and yet the population is growing alarmingly.

F. said...

Read Bill Berry's article.

It's nothing but outright lies!

F. Swemson

Anonymous said...

Somebody please send Mike Mann an email informing him what a fact is.