Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tip for Paul Ehrlich: If you want us to believe that it's Inhofe who is the "moron", you might want to start spelling his name correctly once in a while

Twitter / PaulREhrlich: If you know Senator Imhofe
If you know Senator Imhofe read this to him slowly. Climate Change Is Already Shrinking Crop Yields
Twitter / PaulREhrlich: What the #climatedisruptio
What the ‪#climatedisruption‬ models predict - more extremes. A look at the future for morons like Sen Imhofe...
Twitter / PaulREhrlich: Competition for Imhofe for
Competition for Imhofe for the role of chief moron on the ‪#climatedisruption‬ front.
Twitter / PaulREhrlich: One reason Senator Imhofe'
One reason Senator Imhofe's ‪#climatedisruption‬ is a "hoax" crap gets traction

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