Thursday, July 05, 2012

Too funny: Political hack/English major Chris Mooney bemoans the fact that Obama isn't seizing on temporary hot DC weather to push the global warming hoax

Chris Mooney | The Politics of Ice and Fire

The time to act on global warming is clearly now—right now. In a sane world, Congress would immediately take up carbon cap legislation, and President Obama would be giving a big speech on the issue—and pressing Mitt Romney to explain why he flip-flopped into climate skeptic land, moving in precisely the wrong direction on one of the most important issues to afflict humanity.

Moreover, President Obama would recognize this as a smart political move, because the hard-core deniers notwithstanding, public opinion on global warming follows the weather. It always does. Now, with the whole country wondering about the sweltering heat, about the wildfires and the derecho and the destruction, people are more than ready to hear that, yes, this is global warming, and yes, something has to be done about it.

And yet still, it is not happening.

I cannot overemphasize how dramatic a missed opportunity this is—because we know that even against the backdrop of an overall warming trend, the weather is extremely fickle, and so is public opinion. In late 2009, the year of ClimateGate, and then in early 2010 (of “Snowmageddon” fame), public doubts about climate change increased in association with winter weather—and that could happen once again as soon as the end of this year.


Anonymous said...

What a jerk you are - Chris Mooney or should I say Loony.

In fact and scurrilously, he is trying to make capital out of American people's misery - which is low, heinous and wrong.

Whether, for the guys who are fighting fires and those householders fleeing the inferno. For those, emergency services restoring and repairing fallen power lines, for the poor people made homeless by unimagined storm forces, or for those who desperately needing air/con.
This quite blatant and appalling attempt by Mooney - in fermenting scaremongering hyperbole: is put simply quite unconscionable.

The weather is to blame sure but the idea of there being some sort intangible link to man made emmissions of CO2 is pure manic hysteria on Mooney's part. Clearly, the bloke is unhinged, it should be noted that, this type of behaviour is not untypical of green misanthropes the world over.

Has he, no conscience nor scruple?

Someone, needs to shut his mouth - are you listening Mooney?

Anonymous said...

Let him know he can visit this link to calm his nerves or is it nerve?

Anonymous said...

Ihe mind boggles at the effrontery of some people especially those who fail to check the facts but broadcast their ideas in public whilst failing to recognise their own stupidity.

Pops said...

November 6th 2012 just can't come quickly enough.

b. j. edwards said...

What global warming "hoax?"

Are you still into paranoid conspiracy theories involving thousands of scientists over several decades, Tom?

Is it any wonder one can never underestimate the intelligence of you climate science deniers?

beentothecountyfair said...

Yes, Obama, go ahead. Tell everyone how you propose to take even more money from the populace. I really wish you would. Tell them it is not a tax but a "green" fee. Then go out and get your green fees taken care of by us at the golf course.

pyeatte said...

So now we know that not even the leaders of the AGW crowd are skeptical...kind of proves they are in it for the power only.