Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bummer: Warmist "Students on Ice" trip severely hampered by ice as much as five meters thick

Annual Students On Ice trip kicks off this week in Iqaluit | WWF-Canada Blog
[July 30, 2012] In just a few days, I am going to be joining 80 high-school students and 34 other field staff on the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition. Together we will be learning first-hand about climate change, seeing it with our own eyes, and surely coming home with new friendships and an expanded perspective of the urgency of action.

I am lucky enough to be representing WWF on the expedition, along with 3 incredible young women that WWF is sponsoring from Nunuvut, Greenland, and the Northwest Territories.
NunatsiaqOnline 2012-08-03: NEWS: Students on Ice voyage threatened with cancellation
“I think we could do it with one or two of those boats,” said Green, adding that he hasn’t seen this much ice in Frobisher Bay before, especially chunks of multi-year sea ice as high as five metres.

But for the kids, the situation teaches a lesson that “Mother Nature really is in control,” he said, although that wasn’t how Students On Ice originally planned to teach that lesson.
Students On Ice : Arctic 2012
[Aug 1] Ice in the harbour has prevented our departure for the time being.

Small boat (on far left) ferrying Students on Ice participant... on Twitpic
Small boat (on far left) ferrying Students on Ice participants

Twitter / WWFCanada: After a bit of a weather-related ...
After a bit of a weather-related delay, our group is prepped and ready to get going!
Canadian Coast Guard helps students in ice-bound Iqaluit reach their ship - Yahoo! News Canada
[Aug 4] Students On Ice is a Gatineau, Que.-based educational organization that leads expeditions for high school and university students to the Arctic and Antarctic. The expeditions focus on issues of culture, environment, politics of the polar regions.  [Where's the part about global warming?]
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