Friday, August 17, 2012

Energy Revolution Hiccups: Grid Instability Has Industry Scrambling for Solutions |
Sudden fluctuations in Germany’s power grid are causing major damage to a number of industrial companies. While many of them have responded by getting their own power generators and regulators to help minimize the risks, they warn that companies might be forced to leave if the government doesn’t deal with the issues fast.
1887 : A Very Safe CO2 Year | Real Science

Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt | Watts Up With That?
“Humans have a long history of having to deal with climate change,” said Christopher Bernhardt, a researcher with the U.S. Geological Survey.
- Bishop Hill blog - Yeo in more trouble
Guido Fawkes is reporting that Tim Yeo is in more trouble over using his political influence to lobby for his own private financial interests.
Yeo lobbied the London mayor to introduce a law forcing drivers to replace their taxis, while all the while he was the chairman of the company which would sell them the new cabs. And now he’s been caught red handed…

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