Thursday, August 02, 2012

It gets worse--Two-time fake converted "skeptic" Richard Muller: Hey, did I mention that I'm publishing a new climate hoax policy book this week?

Extra: Former skeptic concedes humans are causing climate change — now what? - YouTube
In this "Viewpoint" Web exclusive, UC Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller, founder and scientific director of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project and author of "Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines," offers policy suggestions to combat climate change. Energy for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines (9780393081619): Richard A. Muller: Books
[Publication date: August 6, 2012] The author of Physics for Future Presidents returns to educate all of us on the most crucial conundrum facing the nation: energy.
The near-meltdown of Fukushima, the upheavals in the Middle East, the BP oil rig explosion, and the looming reality of global warming have reminded the president and all U.S. citizens that nothing has more impact on our lives than the supply of and demand for energy. Its procurement dominates our economy and foreign policy more than any other factor. But the “energy question” is more confusing, contentious, and complicated than ever before. We need to know if nuclear power will ever really be safe. We need to know if solar and wind power will ever really be viable. And we desperately need to know if the natural gas deposits in Pennsylvania are a windfall of historic proportions or a false hope that will create more problems than solutions. Richard A. Muller provides all the answers in this must-read guide to our energy priorities now and in the coming years.
Flashback: Elizabeth Muller (Director of BEST) ran a “Green government” consultancy. Just how impartial was BEST? « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
From the BEST FAQ (my bolding)
“Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature aims to contribute to a clearer understanding of global warming based on a more extensive and rigorous analysis of available historical data.”

We believe that science is nonpartisan and our interest is in getting a clear view of the pace of climate change in order to help policy makers to evaluate and implement an effective response. In choosing team members, we engage people whose primary interests are finding answers to the current issues and addressing the legitimate concerns of the critics on all sides. None of the scientists involved has taken a public political stand on global warming. “
It also tells us something about people who write off skeptical results because they are supposedly “funded by big oil”, but rave about the BEST project. If they are so concerned about “vested interests” why do they only protest about one sort of “interest”?


Anonymous said...

BEST is also funded by big oil.
The number of climate researchers who believe in man-made global warming just went from 99.995% to 99.996%. But keep on holding out for those last few. I'm sure the Climatology department at Oral Roberts U will back you up to the end.

papertiger said...

If that were true then Richard Muller would be the only climate skeptic ever awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

Other MacArthur fellows include;
Obama's "Angel of Death" eugenics advocate John P. Holdren
Paul R. Ehrlich, population biologist
Stephen Schneider, climatologist (currently taking a dirt nap - so he's a good eugenicist)
Jane Lubchenco, marine biologist (currently diddling the NOAA temp records - very bad eugenicist)
Benjamin D. Santer, atmospheric scientist

Something else that's kind of interesting. Here is Muller and Associates an energy consultancy peddling Climate Change and "Profitable Sustainability", incorporated a full year before Richard Muller's "epiphany" on climate change.

Why would a climate change skeptic urge governments to buy windmills and biofuels?

Someone explain it to me.