Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pure hype: Warmists suggest that CO2 caused nine-day 110-degree streak in Phoenix, conveniently fail to mention the 18-day 110-degree streak there in 1974

Twitter / billmckibben: NYT: Phoenix heat so intense ...
NYT: Phoenix heat so intense this year that opening the door feels like 'opening the oven to check on the cookies.'
August 15 News: Phoenix Faces Nine Straight Days Of Temperatures 110 Degrees Or Higher | ThinkProgress
nine straight days of excessive heat seem to have stretched even the most elastic tolerance levels to their limits
Arizona heat facts
Phoenix’s longest streak of temperatures at 110 degrees or hotter was 18 days in 1974. That streak started on June 12th and ended on June 29th.

We baked through 76 days in a row of 100 degrees or higher back in 1993. An astounding 115 days in a row with temperatures above 95 degrees in 1981 and 154 days with our daytime highs reaching 90+ degrees in 1983.
Phoenix, Arizona (85001) Conditions & Forecast : Weather Underground
[I see no 110-degree temperatures in the near-term forecast]

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