Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Reference Frame: Polar bears may have been around for 4-5M years
However, this new research seems to imply that the polar bears began to develop as a separate species in a significantly warmer world – a world in which the Greenland had no permanent ice sheets. And the same was arguably true about the Antarctica, too. Be sure that the Arctic Ocean was ice-free for a significant portion of the year. Nevertheless, the polar bears chose those warm epochs to establish themselves as a separate species.
More Smoking Guns That GHCN Is Garbage | Real Science
Illinois GHCN airports show warming, while the non-airport stations show cooling.
Greenland Summit Camp Continues To Get Buried In Snow | Real Science
NASA forgot to mention the fact that their fake meltdown was 99.999% bullshit.
Unbelievable: Proven Gas Reserves Up 50% From 1980 To 2010 |
The proved gas reserves in the US are 50% higher in 2010 than 30 years ago during which time the country consumed more than double the amount of the 1980 proved gas reserve number. That’s the complete opposite of every energy prediction ever made. How could that be?
Get It Right on Gas -
[High flying, mansion-dwelling warmist Tom Friedman] A sustained gas glut could undermine new investments in wind, solar, nuclear and energy efficiency systems — which have zero emissions — and thus keep us addicted to fossil fuels for decades.

That would be reckless. This year’s global extremes of droughts and floods are totally consistent with models of disruptive, nonlinear climate change....

But we also need to get the economics right. We’ll need more tax revenue to reach a budget deal in January. Why not a carbon tax that raises enough money to help pay down the deficit and lower both personal income taxes and corporate taxes — and ensures that renewables remain competitive with natural gas? That would ensure this gas revolution transforms America, not just our electric grid.

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