Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Averages Don't Tell You Much - Insurance Networking News
GRAPEVINE, Texas—When it comes to climate change, some things are no longer debatable, said Pete Dailey, of AIR Worldwide. Addressing a packed room at NAMIC on Monday, Dailey explained and quantified what scientists know about climate change, while also quantifying the uncertainty about what climate change could bring...

Presenting 150 years of data, Dailey showed that the climate appears to be changing in unprecedented ways, including rising average-surface temperatures and sea levels...

Dailey also explained that while the scientific consensus is that temperatures are on the rise, different regions are affected in different ways, and as a result, some locations are actually getting cooler.
PBS Newshour Propagates Confusion On Climate Change | Blog | Media Matters for America
To understand why false balance like this is troubling, imagine that PBS interviewed an oncologist who explained the dangers of secondhand smoke, and then interviewed a non-expert who cast doubt on the oncologist's views, without revealing that he is linked to a tobacco industry-funded group.
Richard Bean’s comedy The Heretic to be staged by Library Theatre at The Lowry - Flintshire Chronicle
THE regional premiere of The Heretic, Richard Bean’s hilarious comedy about a climate change scientist who goes public with her reservations about the accepted science of global warming, opens the Library Theatre’s new season at The Lowry in Salford Quays.
Frontline A Climate of Doubt | WTTW Chicago
[upcoming show] John Hockenberry goes inside organizations that fought to redefine the politics of global warming.

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