Tuesday, September 18, 2012

- Bishop Hill blog - ATI statement on UVa FOI case
The parties insisting that this missing context would clear Climategate up as being nothing at all opposed release of this missing context. Regardless, ATI has succeeded in obtaining hundreds of records from other state schools and government agencies, including several hundred of Mann's emails while at UVa. The University of Arizona, employer of two lead players in Climategate including one of the co-authors of the infamous "Hockey Stick", has also produced an index of email records a professor has refused to turn over, laying out a helpful chronology of the mysterious, supposedly exculpating but secret-at-all-costs "context."
Stephen Schneider: Arguing for censorship in 1992 « Tallbloke's Talkshop
Nice old cutting this, from the ‘Boston Sunday Globe’ 31 May 1992. Click for the full size image, sorry for the poor quality, but it is legible. The attempt to remove dissenting voices from the media has been in full swing for 20 years. Lewdandorky’s attempt to get man made global warming sceptics written off as ‘lunar landing deniers’ is just another route to the same goal. These people are unable to convince the public via fair open debate with their intellectual opponents.
Antarctic Sea Ice zoomed – Day 258 « sunshine hours
Antarctic Sea Ice Area is 1,044,623.7 sq km above the 1979-2008 median on Day 258. Which is the most ever for this day and the 6th highest amount in the satellite era.

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