Friday, September 14, 2012

Children won't know what sheep look like: Thousands of sheep buried alive in early September snow in Iceland

Winter Strikes (ESA) - Iceland Review Online
Snow in North Iceland in early September is not unheard of but snowfall of two to three meters overnight at this time of year—when the sheep are still in highland pastures—is highly unusual.
Snowbound commuters is serious but thousands of sheep buried alive in snowdrifts is nothing short of disastrous.

Farmers in North Iceland, who may be looking at losing their entire livestock, aided by search and rescue workers and other volunteers, have trekked the mountains in difficult conditions day after day to rescue the trapped sheep.

Armed with long sticks as used to look for people buried in avalanches, they have succeeded in finding hundreds of sheep. Although not all have survived, most of these amazingly hardy creatures were alive after days in icy graves.
Farmers say they have never experienced anything like this in their lifetime and hope they never will again.

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