Sunday, September 02, 2012

It's all so confusing: If CO2 has been shrinking the glaciers since the Industrial Revolution, why would World War I ammunition be revealed by a melting Italian glacier?

WWI ammunition found in Italian glacier
A melting Italian glacier has revealed vintage WWI ammunition, reports, in a curious case of global-warming meeting military history. reports that about 200 rounds of 85/100 millimeter ordnance have been yielded by the receding glacier in Trentino, an autonomous district of Northern Italy.

It's thought that the vintage ammunition got there during battles between Italy and Austrian-Hungarian armies, says MSNBC, somewhere between 1915 and 1918.

Environmental activists dressed up as CO2 molecules stage a protest in Berlin on December 12, 2009, to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Some believe that the new research, "offers a response to those skeptical about human-caused global warming." It explains that during the ice age 11,000 years ago, rises in CO2 levels followed warming, and not the other way around. (David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images)

Carbon Dioxide Emissions | Climate Change | US EPA
Since the Industrial Revolution began around 1750, human activities have contributed substantially to climate change by adding CO2 and other heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere.


Sean said...

Speaking of confusing, the demonstrators are dressed in blue with a large central atom that have two smaller atoms connected at an angle (like a water molecule). And oddly enough, the water molecule is actually the more significant greenhouse gas.

Bloke down the pub said...

Many of the battles between the Italians and the Austrians during the First World War took place high in the mountains. If an ammo dump was created high on a glacier and then covered by snow it would take decades for it to move down the mountain until it emerged at the bottom.

Bloke down the pub said...

Many of the battles between the Italians and Austrians during WW1 took place high in the mountains. An ammo dump built high on a glacier would take decades to move down the mountain until it emerged at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Bloke down the pub is quite correct.

If a glacier is retreating that means that accumulation is outpaced by melting.

It doesn't mean that there is no accumulation.

Also, glacier retreat is a global mean trend. You can certainly find a couple of glaciers that are putting on mass.

Alvin said...

Glaciers are not static, they flow however slowly from source to snout.