Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Run away!!: Key Solyndra figure "ran for the exit" after seeing ABC News cameras on the Democratic National Convention floor in Charlotte Monday evening

Red Carpet for Solyndra Figure at Democratic Convention - ABC News
The Obama campaign rolled out the red carpet this week for a former top Energy Department official who was at the center of the ill-fated government loan to Solyndra, a California solar panel firm that wound up in bankruptcy.

Steven J. Spinner joined other top fundraisers for a VIP tour of the Democratic National Convention floor in Charlotte Monday evening, posing and waving for a photographer while standing behind the podium. When he saw ABC News cameras, however, he ran for the exit.
ABC News made repeated attempts to interview Spinner as the Solyndra saga unfolded, and he declined. When he was approached by ABC News on the convention floor Monday, he bolted for an exit.

A DNC employee blocked ABC News reporters from following Spinner as he broke into a run.

"You can't follow people," the aide said, as he held up his arms to keep the camera from filming Spinner as he left the venue.

Neither the Obama campaign nor the White House responded to requests for comment about Spinner.
Run away! - Monty Python and the Holy Grail - YouTube
The knights of the round table fleeing the killer rabbit.

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