Friday, September 28, 2012

Too funny: Warmist Revkin accuses warmist Kolbert of "gross Arctic hyperbole"

Twitter / Revkin: .@NewYorker Kolbert asks why ...

. Kolbert asks why candidates won't address global warming? Good theme but marred by gross Arctic hyperbole.

Hotter than Paul Ryan: Candidates Ignore an Arctic Disaster : The New Yorker
[Warmist Elizabeth Kolbert] We are now seeing changes occur in a matter of years that, in the normal geological scheme of things, should take thousands, even millions of times longer than that. On the basis of the 2012 melt season, one of the world’s leading experts on the Arctic ice cap, Peter Wadhams, of Cambridge University, has predicted that the Arctic Ocean will be entirely ice-free in summer by 2016. Since open water absorbs sunlight, while ice tends to reflect it, this will accelerate global warming. Meanwhile, recent research suggests that the melting of the Arctic ice cap will have, and indeed is probably already having, a profound effect on the U.S. and Europe, making extreme weather events much more likely. As Jennifer Francis, a scientist at Rutgers, observed recently in a conference call with reporters, the loss of sea ice changes the dynamics of the entire system: “It’s like having a new energy source for the atmosphere.” the time of the 2016 debates, the Arctic sea ice may already be history.
Kent Brockman (Character) - Quotes
[Kent Brockman is covering a summer camp mutiny]
Kent Brockman: Ladies and gentlemen, I've been to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times worse than all of them put together.

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